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Getting Trained & Certified as a Personal Trainer

ELITE does not actually provide the training for you to become a personal trainer, nutitional consultant, yoga teacher, weighlifting / bodybuilding instructor or sports instructor. You are assumed to have already gone through sufficient previous training and/or life experience to become an expert in your field.

It is our goal to TEST you to see if you really are an expert in your chosen field and then give you a ranking according to what level of ELITE test you've managed to complete in the top 15%. For more on this see Rankings.

We know that people in the fitness industry come from a variety of backgrounds. Some of you have been doing sports since a young age, possibly even have gone to the Olympics, but you have no formal training in being a personal trainer or sports instructor. Should that discourage you from becoming one and being certified as such? No. If you can pass the ELITE test then you've proven yourself.

Yes, you could go to other organizations to get trained and certified as a personal trainer or instructor in your chosen field. Takes about a week and costs you approx $400 for the training and another $80 to $150 to take the test. It will be a short test and you will only need to score above 50 or 60% to pass it. Such tests are so easy that almost anyone could get certified. No guarantee of quality.

At ELITE we make the assumption that you've already been trained or have accumulated a large amount of life experience in your chosen field. Enough that you can take the ELITE test, and if you are truly as good as you think you are, then you will pass the test.

Very few pass the test, but those who do are the ELITE!

Personal Training Testing Rankings

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